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Working today with the drugs of tomorrow.

We are a dedicated, compassionate team of healthcare professionals whose primary mission is to help improve the lives of our patients. We accomplish this by providing a knowledgeable, friendly staff and a comfortable environment for all patient appointments. As a participant in one of our clinical trials you become an active partner with our skilled medical staff in learning more about your diagnosed illness and assist in the development of future treatments.

There is no cost to participate in one of our trials. All laboratory, diagnostic procedures and physician visits are paid for by the sponsoring pharmaceutical company. In addition you may receive compensation for your time and travel to our office.

For more information about participating in one of our exciting research trials click below!


  • As part of a study, you will receive medical care for your condition from experts in that field.

  • All study related evaluations, treatment and follow-up will be provided to you at NO COST and you may receive payment for time and travel.

  • By participating in a research study, you will help provide information to researchers about investigational treatments that may help your condition.

  • You may also benefit society by contributing to a better understanding of your condition, which could lead to treatment advancements.


  • For many years I have sought relief and feel so fortunate to participate in the migraine study. I hope I will be able to participate again in a long term study. J.L.

  • The lab results from the study have probably saved my life as the reports made me more aware of my diabetic problems. It educated me at what the numbers should be. K.T.

  • What can I say? MSRA was perfect! To everyone at MSRA I wish to thank you all. You were very kind to me and I felt like I was part of the family. I wish you all happiness and I hope to see you soon. S.F.S.

  • Robbin was a delight to work with. She was informative, attentive and just plain fun. Enjoyed my experience with her, the physician and staff. J.L.E.

  • The entire staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend! T.V.

  • Robbin is the best! Christine is awesome! John and Lauri were very helpful. I've already recommended many friends to MSRA. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Great staff and Great Doctors!! Thank you and I am very interested in the future migraine study! M.J.

  • Select me for a new study!!!! I love Robbin. J.J.

  • 100% overall rating!!!!! D.L.H.

  • Always special attention and always on time.......M.L.B.

  • I recommend to all my friends and I will return for future studies! R.K.

  • MSRA feels like family. H.M.W.

  • If I hadn't sold my house and moved, I would have continued with other studies. It was very interesting and everyone was professional and personable. I had a wonderful experience. C.M.D.

  • I was very pleased with each person from the physicians to the office staff. Great customer service and all were very helpful and knowledgeable on the study I was involved in. They definitely cared about my welfare. S.W.


We recommend the following websites for clinical trial participants or

anyone considering clinical trial participation.


An innovator and leader in clinical trials, Multi-Specialty Research Associates (MSRA) conducts Phase I-IV clinical trials over a wide range of therapeutic areas. With over 50 years of combined research experience behind it, our experienced staff ensures the highest caliber of patient care, while gathering the most accurate and evaluable data. MSRA’s expert team is trained in a full spectrum of services to insure our clinical research processes are managed and executed flawlessly.



4601 W US 90


TEL: 386-438-8977

FAX: 386-438-8972

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